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Banana_YT . Wants to Trade
[H] Wonder skin code, +Honor guard skin(gift IN-GAME)
[W] Minty Pickaxe code
Wonder skin code
+Honor guard skin(gift I ...
Minty Pickaxe code
6 months ago
I already have Wonder skin and Honor Guard on my account, but Minty Pickaxe no... . So, I can give you a Wonder Skin Code + Honor guard skin(Gift IN-GAME) for a Minty Pickaxe Code. I do not go first with the code, because a wonder code +Honor Guard is 70$+ on gameflip and a minty code is just 12-13$. So the person with Minty Pickaxe Code will go first.
My discord : VladRO#6836. Add me and DM me if you want to do the trade ! Do not try to scam me or waste my time ! Have a good day !