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2 weeks ago
looking for be tse legcy tesla
looking for 1000+ steak that gives no rads and 50 percent food
looking for 100 fusion cores 150 cnd charge
looking for be25 fixer
looking for 1000 stempeks
i have paypal with 324.32 offering 100 dollars for everything listed ngf
i have 1/1s on fortnite stw
dm me if interested my xbox gamer tag is RagingLazar
my discord tag is F.B.I Agent#6409
also im a xbox ambasator im lagit and not a scammer im a level 2 ambasator and inorder to get it u have to have 1500 gamer score 17 years old and no enforcment com bans on your account from the past 2 years if i were a scammer i woodent have ambasator badge